Welcome to SNMP for Spring

Being able to monitor your application is extremely important to any enterprise.
Java natively supports this through JMX (Java Management Extensions), however many organizations still use SNMP as their primary network and application management protocol. SNMP is a widely used, mature protocol created in 1988. Cross-platform and cross-language nature, as well as rich set of existing management tools makes it very attractive.

There are several Java SNMP libraries exist on the market (both commercial and open source), however most of them require developers to write the code against provided API, creating tight coupling between the application and the library.

SNMP for Spring allows one to expose any spring bean via SNMP using standard spring configuration XML files or even simpler - just annotating the POJOs.

This project has its own implementation of ASN.1 parser, so it doesn't depend on any 3rd party parser. There are 3 external libraries which are required: commons-logging and commons-beanutils from Apache Jakarta and spring.jar (not required if running using standalone mode). The project is compiled using JDK 1.4 (1.5 is required if using annotations). Currently the library supports SNMP v1; v2 and v3 are going to be added in future.